How Have We Survived for So Long in Internet Marketing?

Starting out as “WTM Digital” in 2008, WTM Digital has been delivering success for our clients for over a decade. It’s no secret that digital marketing is a crowded field. So what sets WTM apart? How have we distinguished ourselves in this industry? Here are some of the keys to our success.

Our Employees Are Outstanding

Ability, aptitude and experience are important to us, but we place great value on the intangible qualities other agencies often overlook. We look for highly creative, collaborative thinkers, who are willing to embrace personal accountability. We want our clients to have no doubt that the people they interact with at WTM have their best interests at heart. This is why we are a top destination for the industry’s leading talent.

We Focus on Reaching Goals, Not Just Performing Tactics

We know you have a full plate and need to reach your quarterly and yearly goals. Helping you succeed is a responsibility we take very seriously. Therefore, we only steer our clients toward services that promise the best returns for their investment.Our team has the experience and the strategic mindset needed to help you effectively sell more products on Amazon. At WTM, we understand that each brand has its own unique challenges and goals, and it is why we pride ourselves on crafting tailored strategies that meet and exceed these business objectives.

We Were White Hat Before It Was Cool

For years now, search engines have been cracking down HARD on websites engaging in link schemes and other ranking shortcuts that fall outside of Google and Bing best practice guidelines. Fortunately, we never subscribed to those shortcuts. Our agency is built on white-hat, ethical digital marketing strategies that are executed by real people, with heartbeats and all.

While everyone else was building links using link networks, we were building them by hand. When everyone else was completely putting bids in the hands of automation (setting it and forgetting it), we were manually setting bids and monitoring all bid strategies daily.

Results Matter to Us

Working with an agency you trust and feel good about is important, but if it doesn’t result in growth, what’s the point? We provide detailed monthly reports for all of our clients that break down key performance metrics so you can understand the results of your digital campaigns.

We Know When to Pivot

The only thing that doesn’t change about digital marketing is its minute-by-minute changes. From Google’s daily algorithm tweaks to new social networks and technology changes, those who fail to keep up with the latest marketing innovations and developments won’t last long. Our people are thirsty for knowledge and love putting new ideas to work for our clients.

Ready for a new approach to your digital marketing? Don’t just sign another contract.