How it works at wtm?

Here’s How
The SEO Process Works

Before engaging in an SEO campaign, we spend time getting to know you, your brand, and your website. We’ll discuss what keywords are important to your business. We’ll look at website pages that we can optimize for rankings or conversions.

How can we improve your backlink profile and earn qualified referral traffic? These items will help us develop an SEO campaign that aligns with your marketing and business goals.

Industry Analysis

Effective digital marketing plans require an understanding of your competitive landscape. In this stage of the SEO process, our team evaluates what your competitors are doing in order to learn from their strengths and weaknesses. We investigate how your target audience uses search engines to find businesses like yours online. And we analyze user behavior to understand what kind of experience your customers want.


Armed with an understanding of your goals, audience, and competition, our team creates an organic marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business, budget, and objectives. This strategy seeks to make your website a valuable resource for qualified users who are already looking for your products and services online.


Now it’s time to see the plan in action! Our SEO specialists get to work implementing a mix of proven tactics to enhance your website’s ability to be found in organic search results. We monitor website performance and search algorithm updates throughout your campaign; if we encounter new opportunities or industry developments, our agile team is capable of pivoting as needed.

Measuring Return

This is everyone’s favorite part…evaluating the return on your investment (ROI). The key performance indicators (KPIs) we use help us assess if we’re meeting campaign goals. We may examine KPIs like traffic, engagement, and conversions. Our data-driven reports answer an age-old question: “Is this stuff working?”

The truth is that if you conduct business online, you need SEO. It’s not enough to have a website and hope users will visit.

Consider this: the vast majority of searchers don’t go beyond the first page. What does that mean? If you’re not putting in the work to maintain or improve rankings, users will have a difficult time finding you online.

Here are some other reasons to invest in SEO:

Builds credibility and trust for your brand


Ensures you’re reaching audience that will engage & convert


Stay ahead of your competitors


It goes hand-in-hand with a good user experience


It is cost-effective compared to other digital strategies

Algorithms and SEO best practices are always changing. While the tactics and strategies may evolve, SEO should always be a part of your digital marketing campaign.
Attract new customers at every stage of the purchase funnel
Earn more unpaid traffic for the products with low-profit margins.
Increase organic traffic for the relevant product searches and other high-intent queries.
Display product elements such as price, stock levels, and reviews directly in search results.
Diversify traffic and lead sources if your website relies too heavily on paid media.
Lower marketing costs in industries with an expensive cost per click, such as law, software, insurance, and mortgages.
Improve organic rankings for relevant search terms and phrases.
Feed your conversion funnel with strategic content marketing.
Attract more customers in your geographical region.
Improve organic rankings for local product or service search terms.
Expand your company’s visibility within the map and local review apps.
Manage your reputation on local review websites.
Generate more sales and leads from organic traffic sources.
Become a trusted information resource for in-market consumers.
Build an audience for re-marketing efforts.
Increase brand awareness.

Some industries, like financial services, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, firearms, and alcohol sales, are limited with Google Ads or prohibited from advertising on Google. These businesses can utilize SEO to acquire customers through organic search.

Is it Enough to Just Optimize For

It depends. One of the pillars of an effective SEO strategy is knowing where your target audience is going for information. This may mean Google, but you’ll want to think about diversifying your traffic sources.

Google has most of the market share in search. Whether you’re a local business or enterprise company, you’ll need to utilize onsite and offsite tactics to improve or maintain your rankings on Google.


Due to Google’s dominance, Bing usually has less competition. Don’t forget, Bing powers Yahoo too. There may be untapped opportunities for your business on this search engine. Ranking factors for Google and Bing do overlap, but there are key differences as well.


More product searches start on Amazon vs Google. Amazon is a highly-competitive but important search engine for retailers. Our team knows how to optimize your product listings to earn clicks, and more importantly, sales.


To rank on YouTube, you need to create quality, relevant content that people want to watch. YouTube’s algorithm looks at behavior metrics like click-through rate and watch time. Our team works with you to optimize your content throughout the video production process.


Our digital marketers understand the ranking factors and differences between each platform. We’ll discuss your customer’s journey and business goals to determine which search engines will yield the largest ROI.

Frequently Asked Question

How Much Does
SEO Cost?

Our most successful clients invest anywhere from a minimum of $2,000 per month to more than $10,000 per month. Your cost for SEO is based on a number of factors, including campaign goals and expectations, current search and competitive landscape, and more.

We’ll ask these questions in order to recommend how much you should spend with WTM.
  • What are the products, services, or keywords, you are trying to rank for?
  • What is your ideal time table?
  • What in-house resources do you have, such as content writers or web development?
  • How many high-value pages are on your website?
Because every business has unique digital marketing needs, There aren’t many universal guarantees in SEO, But we do know this:
  • If pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Be wary of companies that promise a specific number of backlinks each month.
  • Businesses that invest in SEO as a long-term strategy usually see far better results.

Our agency offers custom solutions that provide value. Our SEO services and rates are based on the time required to achieve your goals, and are not an off-the-shelf package.

Happy Clients

Client Testimonials

Tom McElheny Founder and Owner, ChurchPlaza

Web Talent Marketing doesn’t blow a lot of smoke or make wild promises. They’re aware of the competitive, dog-eat-dog nature of the digital business. The team is dogmatic, thorough, and thinks in the long term.

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Thomas Hayden Vice President of Marketing, National Notary Association

Web Talent Marketing has taken time to understand our business. It’s not just about managing the account; they actually help us manage our business.

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Mary Green Communications & Outreach Manager, Beebe Healthcare

We have been with Web Talent for over three years now. They have guided us on all things digital and have done and continue to do an amazing job. I have to admit that a favorite part of my job is working with our Web Talent team!

Phil Rohrer Digital Marketing Manager, Upstream Rehabilitation

You can trust that the end product will exceed expectations and that you have true experts working on your project.

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