Amazon Optimization

Whether you want an Amazon marketing consultant or an agency to create and execute a strategy, WTM can help. Before starting optimization efforts, our team gets to know your brand, products, and goals. We then identify opportunities to improve your listings for greater visibility within Amazon’s organic search results.

Amazon Account Audit

WTM’s Amazon SEO team will analyze your account and product listings to maximize revenue. We’ll review your inventory for listing errors, product suppressions, underperforming search terms, and more.

Keyword Research

Our team researches your listings’ current rankings, keywords your competitors are targeting, and terms your customers use. We’ll then identify which keywords offer the best ranking opportunities for your products and brand, and most importantly which will drive sales.

Competitive Analysis

As of 2019, Amazon has over 12 million different products in its catalog. In order for your product listings to stand out, you need a leg up over your competition. We’ll identify your top competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. Our PPC and SEO teams can also conduct research to see how your prices compare to other sellers.

Computer with Amazon Product Listing

Product Listing Optimizations

There are a number of factors that determine how A9 ranks your products. These range from search term relevance in your product titles and descriptions to backend metadata like tags and keywords. We develop informative, keyword-driven listings to earn clicks and drive conversions.

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A+ Content Creation and Optimization

Amazon allows sellers who have been approved as brand owners to add A+ Content to their product descriptions. Quality A+ Content can improve conversion rate. We’ll help you develop A+ Content that highlights the unique selling points of your products.

Amazon SEO Service

Amazon SEO vs. Amazon PPC

Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC work to achieve the same goal: improve your visibility to increase sales. But there are some key differences among the strategies, tools, and timelines required for these services.

Amazon SEO
Amazon PPC
  • Improves product visibility through product listing optimizations
  • Improves product visibility through paid Sponsored Ads that appear in search results and on similar product pages
  • Can take time for product listings to increase in rank and gain visibility
  • Campaigns take immediate effect and visibility can improve quickly
  • Does not require an ad budget to be competitive
  • Requires an ongoing ad budget to maintain position

Ads Work Together

If you’ve already launched Amazon ad campaigns and are wondering if there is additional value in SEO, the answer is: yes! Amazon SEO and PPC work together to maximize return on investment (ROI).

For example, Amazon Sponsored Ads are displayed to shoppers based on relevancy. Therefore, PPC campaigns work best when your product listings have been optimized for target keywords.

Likewise, Amazon PPC can have benefits for SEO. Amazon’s A9 algorithm emphasizes sales; it wants to show listings that are likely to lead to a purchase. Therefore, if more sales are generated through a PPC campaign, this can have a positive effect on how your product listings rank organically.

Is your Amazon strategy producing the revenue you want?

Amazon SEO Services Cost?

Our Amazon SEO services start at $2,000 per month and can exceed $10,000 per month. Our pricing is designed to meet the unique needs of your business, market, and goals. That’s why we avoid cookie-cutter pricing models that treat all products and verticals the same.

We’ll ask key questions to determine the best Amazon SEO strategy for your brand, such as:


How many products do you currently sell on Amazon?


How long have your products been listed on Amazon?


Do you sell your products on other platforms besides Amazon?


Do you currently run Amazon Sponsored Ad campaigns?


What are your monthly Amazon revenue goals?

WTM’s customized Amazon SEO services are designed to make product listing optimization accessible for any Amazon seller. Learn how our team can help grow your online sales!