Link Building

Strategic link building has two primary benefits: traffic and organic rankings. The right links can earn your website valuable referral traffic from other sources across the internet. A good backlink profile also influences traffic indirectly, since it can lead to better keyword rankings for your domain.

Maintaining a healthy backlink profile is important for SEO because search engines examine these links as part of their ranking algorithms. Earning high-quality links contributes to your domain’s authority, builds credibility, and improves your content’s relevancy for particular search queries.

We Build Links the Right Way

Over the years, Google and other search engines have made it clear that there is a right way and a wrong way to acquire links for your website. Some link building agencies will guarantee a certain number of backlinks each month. Be very careful with these types of companies. Chances are, they’re engaging in spammy “black hat” tactics. This refers to any link building method that Google deems a “link scheme”, such as:

  • Buying links that pass PageRank
  • Reciprocal linking (websites agree to link to each other)
  • Link wheels (creating multiple domains that link to each other)
  • Excessive anchor text optimization for links that are distributed across multiple websites (i.e. press releases or articles)

These link schemes may have worked in 2010 when ranking algorithms were less sophisticated, but search engines have become smarter and more complex. Google can now spot unnatural backlink profiles and may penalize your website for engaging in black hat tactics.

Another factor to consider is the rate at which a website’s links are built. If a domain suddenly acquires a large number of backlinks in an unusually short amount of time, Google is likely to question whether those links were acquired naturally or they were the result of link schemes.

A high number of low-quality links can land your site at the bottom of search results—or make it drop off entirely.

Need high-quality, relevant backlinks for your website?


WTM’S Link
Building Process

The best way to ensure quality links is by building them manually. When WTM builds links for clients, our team members hand-select websites and reach out to them directly to request backlinks. This is known as “white hat” link building.

Our SEO specialists are always staying up to date with Google’s algorithm changes and industry best practices. We only reach out to websites that are credible and relevant to your industry. Here’s a look into our link building process.

Identifying Link Sources

WTM starts by identifying websites within your vertical. We compile a broad list of industry sites—such as blogs, resource directories, and trade journals—and then manually evaluate each domain. Our team uses sophisticated SEO tools to measure the quality of a website’s content and keyword rankings. We look at the amount of traffic it receives, and also consider its backlink profile. The list is then narrowed down to the highest-quality prospects.

Finding the Right Contact Person

Next, we find the best contact person for each website. They might be a webmaster, an editor, or the site’s owner. While it isn’t always possible, we work hard to identify a real person to reach out to, as opposed to a generic support email or contact form.

Writing the Pitch

Once we know who we’re contacting at a given website, we craft a thoughtful, compelling pitch that is customized to this person. We make the case for why your website is relevant to their content and explain how it can add value for their visitors. Once the pitch is sent, we follow up and answer any questions the contact person may have.


WTM discusses link building strategies with our clients from the beginning and asks for input along the way so that our efforts are always aligned with your goals.

Link Building Services Cost?

Our link building services start at $2,000 per month, but most clients make larger investments in their SEO efforts with WTM Digital. We do not price our services based on one-size-fits-all packages, so you only pay for the time we spend building links for your website. While we offer link building as an a la carte option, our clients typically choose to include link building as part of their overall scope of SEO services.

If your rankings are not where you want them to be, links may be the missing piece in your SEO strategy. Our team takes great care when creating and executing your link building strategy. Since we manually choose which websites to pitch, your backlink profile will be built with natural, relevant, and high-quality links. Get in touch with our team to discuss your website’s link building strategy.