Content is Important

Good content is often evergreen and helps build a foundation upon which a website can grow for years to come. By improving your domain’s organic visibility for relevant search queries, strategic content creation and optimization generates qualified website traffic.


Not only does high quality content contribute to organic traffic growth and improved audience reach for your brand, but it can also have a positive impact on the Quality Score of your pay-per-click marketing efforts. Content marketing even helps your website acquire relevant backlinks which provide important SEO value.


When properly executed, content marketing improves a domain’s performance within organic search results and attracts users throughout the conversion funnel.

Content Marketing Services

The team at WTM Digital can help grow your business online through strategic content marketing. Whether you run a B2C e-commerce website, or your company operates in the B2B lead generation space, WTM has the experience and expertise to provide a full spectrum of content marketing services—from strategy creation and deployment to ongoing content optimization.
Content Marketing Stages

Perhaps your organization is happy with its existing content plan but would like assistance writing copy that is optimized for search engines and follows industry best practices. If your brand lacks the internal resources needed to produce optimized content, WTM offers copywriting services designed to fit within your current digital strategy.


Onsite Vs. Offsite Content Marketing

Digital content comes in many different forms, leveraging the written word, images, videos, and other creative assets. No matter what type of content you are producing, each piece falls within one of two categories: onsite and offsite content. 


Simply put, onsite content consists of the information and resources published on your own website. This includes the content on your homepage, product or service pages, blog posts, and more. Offsite content is what your brand publishes on third-party websites such as trade journals, industry blogs, forums, social media platforms, and more. 


A healthy mix of onsite and offsite marketing efforts is important for the long-term success of your digital strategy, as both tactics offer SEO benefits.

Onsite Content Offsite Content
Improves search visibility for relevant queries Increases brand reach among audience members on different platforms
Generates qualified organic traffic Builds backlink profile of the website
Attracts backlinks from other websites Improves domain authority
Competes for featured snippet positions Contributes to organic rankings
Impacts Quality Score of Paid Search Efforts Generates referral traffic


Types of Content

Most people think of blog articles when they hear the words “content marketing.” But content refers to much more than your website’s blog, and it plays a significant role in a well-rounded digital strategy.


Website copy

e.g. product & service pages


Long-form educational resources


Blog content


Guest post articles


Interactive website features

e.g. pricing calculators, quizzes, etc.


Video content





How Much Does Content Marketing Cost?

Most successful content marketing initiatives require a monthly investment ranging from $2,400 to more than $10,000. Your cost is determined by several key factors, including campaign goals, timeframe, content needs, current search and competitive landscape, and more.


Because every business has different needs, and every website exhibits different growth opportunities, our content strategists will discuss a variety of important subjects with your team in order to provide a specific budget recommendation. Some of the questions we’ll discuss together include the following:


  • What are the products, services, or keywords you would like to focus on?
  • How many pages will need to be written and/or optimized for your website?
  • Who are your top competitors?
  • What is your ideal time table?
  • What key performance indicators (KPIs) will be used to measure performance and success?
  • What in-house resources will you be committing to the campaign (e.g. content writers, social media personnel, web developers, etc.)?

Our digital marketing agency does not take a “one size fits all” approach to content strategy or content creation. Each solution we provide is customized to provide meaningful value based on your organization’s needs and goals.

Happy Clients

Client Testimonials

Tom McElheny Founder and Owner, ChurchPlaza

Web Talent Marketing doesn’t blow a lot of smoke or make wild promises. They’re aware of the competitive, dog-eat-dog nature of the digital business. The team is dogmatic, thorough, and thinks in the long term.

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Thomas Hayden Vice President of Marketing, National Notary Association

Web Talent Marketing has taken time to understand our business. It’s not just about managing the account; they actually help us manage our business.

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Mary Green Communications & Outreach Manager, Beebe Healthcare

We have been with Web Talent for over three years now. They have guided us on all things digital and have done and continue to do an amazing job. I have to admit that a favorite part of my job is working with our Web Talent team!

Phil Rohrer Digital Marketing Manager, Upstream Rehabilitation

You can trust that the end product will exceed expectations and that you have true experts working on your project.

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