WTM’s Web Development Process

Your website is an extension of your brand. And because every brand is unique, we begin each web dev project by first getting to know your business and its digital goals. Equipped with this insight, our developers work to create a digital experience that meets the needs of qualified users who are in-market for your products or services.

Products and Services

We believe that a properly-designed website makes it easy for visitors to learn about your offerings, understand what sets you apart from the competition, and make informed purchase decisions. Our team wants to know all the important details about your products and services so we can build a website that highlights the right features and information for target audience members.

Audience/User Profile

Early on in the web dev process, we discuss your ideal customer(s) and their “user personas.” By establishing personas for each target audience group, we can determine the best way of tailoring your web experience to the right customer base.

Goals and Key Performance Indicators

Whether you’re making updates to an existing site or building an entirely new website, it’s important to talk about your performance goals. We want to know how your organization defines success online. What key performance indicators (KPIs) should we be concerned about when building your site? Commonly measured KPIs include form submissions, checkout completions, phone calls, downloads, email signups, and more.

Existing Site Structure

If you already have a website, we want to understand what it’s built with, including programming language and content management systems (CMS). We also need to know your current hosting service and whether you’ll stick with them or switch providers. All of this information helps us better plan your website updates.

Budget and Timeline

Budget and timeline are interconnected and directly influence the scope of any web project. In some cases, these factors may need to be adjusted to accommodate the functionality your website requires. It’s important to discuss budget and timeline so that all parties are on the same page about project scope and customizations.

Once our team has a thorough understanding of what you’re looking for in your web project, we dig into the problems you’re facing with your online properties. Then we provide solutions that will deliver the greatest impact on your bottom line.


WTM CapabilitiesDesign & Development

WTM Digital’s design and development services include:

  • Website design and development
  • Ecommerce development
  • Website migrations and maintenance
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Landing page design and development
    • ADA website compliance
    • User experience (UX) improvements
    • Mobile design and development
    • Website security updates

      Platforms and Languages We Work With

      Websites can be built on many different programming languages – HTML and CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, and SQL to name a few. Our team is made up of diverse, talented developers who program in a variety of languages.

      We have the skills and experience to build a custom site from the ground up. In some cases, clients choose to build a website by modifying an existing template rather than developing a site from scratch. This approach can help save time in the development process while still providing the functionality and features you need.








      Big Commerce






      How Much Does Website Development Cost?

      Website development can range from $10k to $100k or more. Many different factors influence cost. See the chart below to get a better idea of what goes into a website build or update.

      Starter Build


      This type of project is ideal for someone who needs to get an informational website up quickly on a limited budget. It allows for very little wiggle room in design after the initial theme is chosen. Anything outside of pre-built theme functionality is outside of the scope.

      Builder Build


      This type of project is a cost effective way to have a comprehensive website built quickly. Ideal for small e-commerce companies and medium sized brands.
      This project gives the appearance of a full custom build, and comes with an interface for the client to make changes on their own in the future, but once again anything outside of builder functionality is outside of the scope.

      Custom Build


      This type of project is for companies who have a very specific vision of what they want their site to be. Perfect for the design and functionally conscious business owner. This Project is necessary for clients who have specific user flows and functionality for their sites. Functionality and scope of work are much more flexible in the initial phase of the project

      Custom Theme

      $80k and Up

      This type of project is for anyone who wants total control over every aspect of their web presence. Ideal for companies of have complex product configuration components.

      Happy Clients

      Client Testimonials

      Tom McElheny Founder and Owner, ChurchPlaza

      Web Talent Marketing doesn’t blow a lot of smoke or make wild promises. They’re aware of the competitive, dog-eat-dog nature of the digital business. The team is dogmatic, thorough, and thinks in the long term.

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      Thomas Hayden Vice President of Marketing, National Notary Association

      Web Talent Marketing has taken time to understand our business. It’s not just about managing the account; they actually help us manage our business.

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      Mary Green Communications & Outreach Manager, Beebe Healthcare

      We have been with Web Talent for over three years now. They have guided us on all things digital and have done and continue to do an amazing job. I have to admit that a favorite part of my job is working with our Web Talent team!

      Phil Rohrer Digital Marketing Manager, Upstream Rehabilitation

      You can trust that the end product will exceed expectations and that you have true experts working on your project.

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