The holidays are here and everyone is getting into the spirit. From shopping on the web to sharing photos on social media, people are now in a festive mindset. If you manage a Facebook business page, it’s a great idea to also have your page align with the holiday season’s festivities. However, how do you create engaging posts?

If you’re struggling to come up with holiday material, we’ve made a list of 12 Facebook post ideas that are festive and can get the attention of users looking for your products or services.

1. Unique Traditions

If your company has an annual tradition like a holiday bake-off, then post it on Facebook! Make sure that the shots you put up are colorful and unique; this helps grab users’ attention.

2. Holiday Employee Highlights

Does one of your coworkers put a pickle ornament on their Christmas tree? What about visiting family for Hanukkah? Find out, and put it in a post for your company’s page.

To promote interaction with your post, you could ask users to add their favorite holiday traditions in the comments. This will give your post more depth and help it organically reach more people.

3. Festive Giveaway

One of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit on Facebook is to host a giveaway. This not only makes your page festive, but also can help you obtain more likes organically. Instruct users to enter your contest by:

  • Liking your post
  • Commenting on it
  • Sharing your contest
  • Doing all of the above

By doing this, your followers can extend your reach to their own networks. Just make sure that you are not asking them to do too much to enter, or you might lose their interest.

4. Puns and More (Humor)

Not sure how to make a regular post into a holiday one? Put in a pun! By playing with words a little bit in your posts, you can make a post about company news or a promotion more festive.

5. Holiday Blog Material

One way to get a lot of eyes on a newly-published holiday blog is to put it on Facebook. By posting and even boosting it, you can increase traffic to your content. Depending on the topic, this can also help promote seasonal products or certain services.

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6. Show Off the Office Decorations

Is your company decked for the holidays? You can post a few photos for an easy, festive piece of content that will get your followers’ attention.

If you can, try to get some creative shots, like close-ups of lights or some fun shots of office staff wearing festive gear. This will help create engaging pictures for your audience.

7. Promote a Charity for the Holidays

You can use your social media presence to ask people to support a charity that needs a little extra help around the holidays. Putting up a post that encourages people to either donate or volunteer at an organization can make a serious difference for that charity and, as a result, many other people in your community.

Just make sure you check with management first to confirm that the charity you have in mind is fully supported by your company.

8. Share Holiday Hours

While on the more practical side, a post about a company’s hours for the holidays can help you clearly communicate with Facebook users. To make this a little more festive, try turning the announcement into a graphic with a holiday theme.

9. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

One way to create an especially interactive holiday post is to do a scavenger hunt based on the holidays. Post a picture of a holiday item, and then ask your audience to find it and put a photo of it in the comments. This is especially fun if you have a lot of parents with kids in your page’s demographic.

Depending on your audience, you could offer an incentive to encourage people to do this, however, it is up to you.

10. Pet photos

If anyone in your workplace has pets that dress up for the holidays, taking a few photos for a holiday post is a great idea. Make sure that the photos are centered and clear, and show off the great sweaters, antlers, or other gear that the animal has on.

11. Community Happenings for the Season

A way to support the community (and put up a fun holiday post) is to share seasonal events going on in your neighborhood. For example, a community tree lighting or food drive would be great events to post about on your company’s page.

12. Holiday Poll

Do you really need to up interaction on your Facebook posts? Asking your audience holiday questions, such as what their favorite seasonal food is, can be a great way to increase engagement.

You can use variations of this idea multiple times of course, but try not to go over more than four or five times, or users might start to ignore it.

Keeping It Festive

The above ideas can be used by almost any business, from a company of 2 to 2,000. Above all, make sure that your idea fits with your workplace’s atmosphere and tone on social media.

Is social media becoming a lot for your business? We can not only help you keep up your current presence, but also grow your business using Facebook! Contact WTM Digital today to find out more.