It’s that time again. Your contract is up, and now you have to pitch to your boss whether or not it’s in the best interest of your company to continue your partnership with your current marketing agency.

A few questions are most likely circling through your head at this point. Was the agency’s work worth the cost? Would bringing on an in-house marketer be a better solution? Are you looking to try something new for the coming year, and can your current agency keep up? And that’s great!

Questioning and being clear about your future business goals like this will serve as your guiding light throughout the recontracting process.

If you’ve reached the end of your contract with your marketing agency, we’d encourage you to consider these additional points before you sign that new agreement.

Are they prepared with a strategy for next year?

In order for your agency to know where you can go, they need to have a clear picture of where you’ve been and what your market is doing.

These days, everyone is talking about data, and it’s no different in the marketing world. We use insights like trend data and spend data to see where our clients can start making a bigger impact, whether that is targeting new keywords with an SEO campaign or getting into Instagram ads for the first time.Your agency should constantly be earning your business. Simply doing more of the same shouldn’t cut it, especially when you’re being asked to extend your partnership.

Do you feel like just another account number?

The key to any true partnership is open and accessible communication. If you don’t have a dedicated support team that you can collaborate with, you’ll always be left wanting more.

Our regular reporting and service calls keep us connected with our partners and in tune with their changing needs. These touch points keep us thinking ahead and focused on building customized campaigns that make sense for our clients both now and in the future.

Recontracting can also be an uneasy time with all of the legal back and forth. Partners want to see you succeed, and that’s why WTM Digital takes the time to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Can your agency grow with you?

You’re ready to experiment with other service lines, but you’re currently working with a specialty agency. Sometimes niche strategies are the best way to start, but that doesn’t mean that you should limit your business to only one type of marketing.

Partnering with a single, multichannel agency allows you to have consistency amongst your campaigns as well as the capacity to grow your efforts when you’re ready.

Honestly evaluating the performance of and relationship with your marketing agency may not be the highlight of your job, but it’s necessary to the success of your business. Continuing a partnership that isn’t working can cost you.

With a good grasp on where your business is going and what your ideal partnership would look like, the recontracting process will get easier each and every time. And if you want to work with WTM Digital, our Accounts team is ready for your kick off!