When vetting out digital marketing agencies for web, SEO, or PPC campaigns; prospective clients generally review the abilities of the respective department. The talent, experience, and knowledge that is displayed from the team can often help decide whether to choose us over another agency. The part that is sometimes an oversight is the logistics of the communication and flow of the partnership once the contract is signed. This is where the client relations team comes in.

Depending on the structure of the digital marketing agency, the client relations team can have different roles and responsibilities. At WTM Digital, the client relations team is the connective tissue between the internal team and the client. Whether you prefer to call us account managers, project managers, or client relationship managers; our goal is the same: to make sure that we are making the client’s job easier. As the main point of contact for each client, there are many traits that account managers must possess to make sure we are being the best partner possible. Below are 3 traits that you can expect when working with our Client Relations Team.

Preventing Surprises

One of the most important goals our client relations team strives to succeed in is limiting the number of surprises a client feels. We work on the premise that it’s better to over-communicate with clients, so that they always understand what is happening with their projects and campaigns.

Continuing to Learn

Similar to the web, SEO, and PPC teams, we feel it is essential to be invested in continuous education. While we may not be completing production tasks, we need to understand the new happenings in the world of digital marketing. Our entire team is certified in Google Analytics and AdWords so that we are able to truly understand the dynamics of the campaigns and can help to strategize with the internal team and client to achieve their goals.

Educating Clients

Clients come from all different spectrums when it comes to their knowledge and understanding of digital marketing. Some are completely green to the world of digital marketing, while others may have had a digital marketing strategy for many years. We feel that it’s our responsibility to understand what the level of knowledge is and to continue to educate our clients on not only the performance of their campaigns, but also the nuances of the industry. Ultimately, we want our clients to know not only what is happening, but why we are doing it, and how it fits into their marketing mix. We find this helps to strengthen the partnership and helps in making more strategic full picture marketing decisions.

These are just 3 of the many traits that you can come to expect when engaging with a partnership with our agency. At the end of the day, our roles are built on the foundations of open communication. We endeavor to be viewed as a partner instead of a vendor that you can trust to discuss overall marketing goals. We’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for a partner to help achieve your web, SEO, or PPC goals.