Lancaster, Pa. —On a mission to help companies expand website traffic to increase sales, the owners of Axis Creative Group and WebTalentSEO have merged to form WTM Digital, one of the only Lancaster, Pa.-based full-service digital marketing agencies. WTM Digital harnesses the advertising power, cost-efficiencies and metrics of the Internet through a results-driven search marketing menu. Unlike other agencies offering entry-level Internet marketing in conjunction with more traditional advertising and marketing services, WTM Digital’s core business quantifies and tailors web marketing strategies to ensure clients reach larger, more targeted audiences and directly grow sales. A flourishing client base in response to the agency’s combined strength and proven results has already demanded a planned expansion of WTM Digital’s staff and office space and places the company at the leading edge of Lancaster’s emerging technology corridor.


WTM Digital’s Chief Operating Officer Mike Canarelli and Chief Executive Officer Oliver Feakins said the partnership elevates both former companies’ strengths—Axis’s web design and development and WebTalentSEO’s search marketing—to place their Internet marketing agency at the intersection of creativity and innovation. Clients will benefit from a one-stop-shop for progressive web design, development, advertising and search-engine marketing that leverages the Internet’s accountability to maximize the return on web marketing investments and directly contribute to sales.


“Oliver and I love working in the Internet marketing space and are excited about joining forces to offer advanced Internet marketing strategies that are capable of increasing client sales to levels previously unobtainable,” said Canarelli, founder of former Axis Creative Group. “The Internet is a completely scalable model. The fact that we can measure a precise return for our clients’ digital marketing investments is incredible and makes our services much more effective than the traditional, static marketing mediums of yesterday.”


“The fact that Mike and I are both professional e-marketers and entrepreneurs created a natural evolution toward WTM Digital and also allows us to blend our expertise with our clients’ expertise to achieve more for them,” said Feakins, former WebTalent SEO President. “We understand the nature of business—the demands of customer engagement, satisfying budgets and proving return on investments. We propose solutions and ideas that not only center on results, but that are also practical and feasible for our clients’ needs.”


In addition to clever methods backed by proven results, Canarelli’s and Feakins’ broad experience in sales, technology, marketing and business ownership also sets WTM Digital apart from other marketing companies. Canarelli founded Canarelli Design in 2000 and rebranded the company to Axis Creative Group in 2007. Feakins broke away from a successful career in search marketing and social media to form his own company, WebTalentSEO, in 2008.


For more information, visit www.webtalentmarketing.com. For photos of Mike Canarelli and Oliver Feakins or for graphic file of WebTalent Marketing logo, contact mike@webtalentmarketing.com or call 717-283-4035.