In the world of online marketing, the established rules and facts that are useful one day can change the next. In an ever-shifting landscape, how do digital marketers, businesses, and everyone else hope to keep up? The answer is constant learning.

To help with this answer, WTM Digital, in order to help others who are trying to stay current, is hosting CLARITY, a live webinar. With the webinar hosts Mike Canarelli & Marcus Grimm, and thought leaders from Google, Hulu, and other platforms, our aim is to arm you with the knowledge to improve your results and marketing tactics on digital channels.

Who Are the Speakers?

We have a total of seven speakers that will share their insights. A few that will be in the live event can be found below:

  • Candace Jordan — This veteran from Google has been working with businesses of all verticals and sizes developing, implementing, and managing strategic advertising and marketing plans. She will be sharing insights on how you can use options from Google Ads in the next six to twelve months to transform your business.
  • Christine Gable — An Amazon expert, Christine is the founder of Beech Tree Trading, which helps companies sell on the platform. Her presentation will focus on how you can use Amazon to boost your bottom line.
  • Mike Canarelli — The CEO of WTM Digital, Mike is a dedicated professional who is determined to deliver results to clients. He will be speaking on how the company uses Google’s Data Studio to deliver eye-opening reports that demonstrate results and insights for the future.

What Are the Details?

CLARITY is a free online webinar for those interested in keeping up-to-date and honing in their digital marketing skills. This five-hour event is on a come-as-you-please basis, so choose which speakers are best for your situation and leave when you are finished. Feel free to rejoin whenever it is convenient.

Have appointments during the webinar? Experiencing computer issues? All of our speakers will be recorded, and all of these sessions will be sent to everyone who registered. Make sure that everyone on your team signs up individually, as the access link is unique to each user.

Ready to Learn and Improve Your Strategy?

To register for CLARITY, follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page. Again, the webinar is completely free, and you can come and go to sessions as necessary.

Want to learn more about WTM Digital and our work on digital marketing channels? You can find out more here.