While almost every age bracket scratches its head at the generations that come after it, in the case of millennials, many of today’s business pros act like this newest age group is an enigma beyond the scope of human reason. It is imperative, however, that enterprising business people understand how to appeal to this market segment, since Generation Y is the largest group of consumers in the history of the modern world.

Generation Y is a mammoth assemblage, with 1.68 trillion in buying power. So, what are some basic ways your business can appeal to millennials?

1. Be Techno-Centric

Never forget that Generation Y is the first generation to grow up entirely immersed in the blip culture of the Internet. This techno-centric age group checks their smartphones an average of 43 times a day. Most millennials use at least two different digital devices each day. So, if you want to charm to this group, make sure your website is optimized for tablets and phones since these consumers might first learn about your products and brands on these devices. Speed, ease, and efficiency are key when it comes to making online purchases.

2. Create an Access-Over-Ownership Atmosphere

Due to suffering through two of the largest economic downturns in the history of our nation—9/11 and the 2008 house market crash—more than half of the millennial population finds paying bills one of their most challenging tasks. For this reason, they tend to be frugal and often choose access over ownership. Instead of splurging on DVDs and CDs, for example, millennials are more prone to streaming movies, music, and more for free or discounted subscription rates online. If your business is targeting Generation Y, consider ways you can enhance these consumers’ lives by providing them less expensive access options, such as a helpful and informative app.

3. Allow for Self-Expression

Millennials are self-expressers. If they favor your brand, you can bet their followers will know it. Help them make decisions that benefit your business by producing informative and creative content so engaging they can’t help but plaster it all over their social media outlets.

4. Inform and Involve

Millennials enjoy ongoing engagement, so don’t just market to them, inform and involve them in any way you can. If your company sells personal hair color products, have a contest where people who use your products post their hair coloring tips and pics. Create a forum where consumers can communicate and share their opinions.

5. Serve a Good Cause

Despite having suffered through two of the grimmest economic downturns in the history of our nation, millennials are very idealistic. Cause-related marketing often captures their fancy. The bigger the difference they feel they’re making in the community, the more likely they are to utilize your company’s goods or services. Relate your brand to a reliable community or global cause and you will better appeal to your millennial customers.

Millennials are attracted to companies that are tech-savvy and promote self-expression. When you allow your consumers to connect with your business on a personal level, you open up a new world of opportunities for everyone. If you need assistance in ensuring your website is in tip-top shape for today’s techy generation, connect with the folks at WTM Digital today.