AdWords releases new display ad formats (HTML 5, Responsive Ads, etc) every few quarters, which typically tend to outperform their previous counterparts. The free tools provided by Google to make these banners also make strides in usability and functionality. However, many people still prefer to design their own ads in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. First-time banner designers will find dozens of articles outlining the sizes available for the display network – but as of August 2016, the file sizes we have below are the most accurate.

Free Adobe Illustrator Google Display Ad Templates

We have created an art-board which contains the 18 ad sizes listed below. For those of you with older versions of the Adobe Creative Suite, we included modified files for download. Feel free to email Matt Burkarth, Paid Search Manager with any questions or requests for additional formats.

18 ad sizes available for the Google display network:

  • 120 x 240
  • 120 x 60
  • 125 x 125
  • 160 x 600
  • 180 x 150
  • 200 x 200
  • 234 x 60
  • 250 x 250
  • 300 x 1050
  • 300 x 250
  • 300 x 600
  • 320 x 100
  • 320 x 50
  • 336 x 280
  • 468 x 60
  • 728 x 90
  • 970 x 250
  • 970 x 90

Advantages of Creating Your Own Ads
The Display Ad Creator has made leaps and strides in the last few years. Responsive ads can now be created for free in the Google AdWords interface, and responsive ads will reshape your sizes to fit most mobile and tablet devices. However, Paid Search Specialists with a design background should attempt creating their own banners, which will most likely be a better fit for your branding standards.