With the inception of the Google Partner, digital marketing agencies have been touting its honor, as it was a certified seal of approval from Google. Unfortunately, the reality is that not all Google Partners are created the same, and the mere presence of a badge doesn’t denote an agency that has the skills, experience, and methodologies required to thrive in this ever-changing market landscape. However, since everyone possessed the same badge and ‘status,’ this made it extremely difficult for agencies to differentiate themselves amongst a sea of ‘Partners.’

Enter Google Premier Partner

In late June, Google released a new denotation of Partner, the Premier Partner, developed to “recognize leading agencies that are higher spending and meet additional certification and company performance requirements” – Google Partner Status Requirements Page

WTM Digital was honored to be awarded Premier Partner status for Google Adwords, Shopping, Display, and Mobile advertising upon the campaign’s inception.

Presently, 166 businesses are considered Google Partners in PA. Of those 166, twenty-six are agencies recognized as Premier Partners, and if you look at Central Pennsylvania, WTM Digital is presently, the only Premier Partner.

How we earned this status

This accolade is no easy win, as each month Google reevaluates the status of its Partners to ensure they are still meeting the strict standards of the Premier distinction.

The criteria for being accepted as a Google Premier Partner is extensive and truly highlights accomplishments that make a Premier agency, best in class. To be considered a Premier Partner, Google measures:
1. Certifications amongst team members
2. Historical and current campaign performance
3. The ability to manage large advertising budgets

Another requirement of Premier Partnership is excellence in client retention, which happens to be one of WTM Digital’s core values.

We have spent years working to showcase our unique ability to deliver ROI for organizations in a variety of markets and earning this accolade just motivates us even more to live up to Google Premier Partner status each and every month.

Interested in how we can leverage our experience to help your business, speak with one of our strategists and receive a free Adwords audit.