Whether you made the decision to take your business to the next level by hiring an agency partner, or you are looking to move from a previous partner to a new partner, you want to maximize what you get out of that relationship. Whether it is a trove of new ideas, an omnichannel marketing strategy, or even a new paid social media strategy to combat the ever shrinking reach of organic social media, you want to get the best work for your money. WTM Digital, like most agency partners; have ideas bouncing around in our heads all the time, we live for the big idea; the one idea that catapults your business to new heights. We want to help your business to grow and being part of that growth, is paramount to our success. So how can you get the most out of the relationship with an agency partner like WTM Digital so you are able to get our best work?

Be Involved

Disengaging yourself after signing a contract with WTM Digital is like buying a car, but refusing to start the ignition. Like cars, we need your help to get you where you want to go. Not fully deploying your investment actually defeats the purpose. We certainly don’t need you to be at our beck and call, but there are nuances of your business that you uniquely know, which could provide us an angle that could initiate success. If something new is happening at your business, keeping us posted on new lines of services or products, new employees or important industry news helps us serve you better and could jumpstart that new business initiative.

We know Content Marketing, Paid Search Management, Website Design, and Technical SEO aren’t exactly the most fun things to talk about, but we are passionate about how they can be deployed to growth your business. We will try hard to keep your engaged and interested, but we may need your help and attention so we are able to maximize results and best tell your brand story.

Be Flexible and Realistic

Another quality WTM Digital likes to see in its clients is flexibility, and the willingness to temper expectations. Our most successful clients place their trust in us, knowing they’ll receive advice and suggestions that are tailored to their needs and based on best practices and thorough research. Let’s be honest, we are dealing with people and even the most sound and data backed strategy doesn’t always become the next Uber. We need to work together to understand what success looks like, what is a timeframe in which we are able to see success, and then measure against that goal, recalculating the goal once we accumulate more data. A company’s willingness to collaborate and pivot with us when necessary is often an indicator of the type of relationship that will follow. If you’re willing to work collaboratively with us and evolve with the ever-changing consumer buying habits, chances are your campaign will pay off.

Be Interested

Everyone loves the sex appeal of Mad Men and what it did to romanticize marketing and advertising. Unfortunately, times have changed and while we know digital marketing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, clients who take an interest in the progress of their campaign have a more satisfactory experience with an agency partner. Our best clients frequently show a desire to improve their own digital marketing techniques and want to be involved in the process. While there is a ton of jargon in Digital Marketing and acronyms that seem really confusing, ultimately, we are simply looking to introduce and connect consumers with your brand. So allow us to explain our strategies, tactics, and measurement so that you are able to understand the growth with us, and ultimately, get the most out of your campaign.

There is a mutual understanding between us and our clients about what each other is expected to contribute to the digital marketing campaign, and we all work together to build a healthy client-agency relationship. WTM Digital believes a successful project is always a collaborative effort.

After all, we have the same goal in mind, getting the most out of your overall marketing effort and helping your achieve your goals, as big or small as they may be.