Google recently launched its helpful content algorithm update, which is designed to promote content that is people-focused. This update helps weed out content that appears to have been created solely for the purpose of improving search engine rank rather than providing useful, original information to users. 

What is Google’s Helpful Content Algorithm Update? 

Google’s helpful content algorithm update uses a site-wide signal to identify content that is unhelpful or has little added value. If your website contains low-quality content, users may need to visit other sites to find information. This can result in your content not performing well in searches. Because this update is site-wide, your entire website could be affected if it contains even a small amount of low-quality content. 

How Does Google’s New Update Affect Your Business?

Website content that is focused only on increasing search engine traffic can provide an unsatisfying, negative user experience. With Google’s helpful content update, this type of content can seriously hinder your ability to get the most out of your website.

On a more positive note, this update can also be an opportunity for you to fine-tune your digital content to make it better than ever before. We have included a few tips below to help you make sure your content reaches its target audience and serves its intended purpose. 

Improve Your Existing Content

Consider removing any less-than-spectacular content from your website. It will perform better if it contains content that is valuable to the end user. 

Create High-Quality, Original Content

Create original, helpful, and relevant content that is well-written and people-focused. Your content should be complete enough to provide valuable information or answer whatever question it is intended to address. 

Add value to your content by including photos, videos, or other visual or textual elements. 

Focus on the User Experience

Examine your website to make sure your pages are responsive and user-friendly. For example, it’s essential that your website loads quickly and adapts well to mobile formats. 

Stay Focused on Your Subject Matter

Stick with areas in which you have expertise rather than writing about topics that are currently trending but not within your typical niche. 

Maintain Integrity

If you’re writing about products and including affiliate links, make sure you’ve actually used the products and have first-hand experience with them, so you thoroughly understand them.

Don’t make false statements or promise answers to questions that don’t have answers, such as rumors, inconclusive information, or unfounded claims. 

Don’t Worry About Word Count

Don’t focus on creating content that has a specific word count. Contrary to popular belief, Google does not give priority to content that is a certain number of words- quality over quantity. 

Consider In-Bound and Out-Bound Links

Make sure that out-bound links are relevant to your content. Want to appear more reputable? Inbound links to your content from high-profile sites can help you achieve this. 

Keep in mind, although this update runs constantly, it will take time for your newly-improved content to be reclassified as helpful by Google’s automated classification process. 

Your website is a foundational element of your digital marketing, and it’s essential that it performs well. If you are concerned about Google’s new helpful content update, we can provide you with an audit of your website and strategies for improvement. Contact us to learn more about how our skilled digital marketing experts can help you.