According to Google, consumers watch over 1 billion hours of video on YouTube each day. With such a large amount of time being spent consuming video, marketers need to consider how video helps share the story and personality of your brand with consumers. Having video content on your website helps you form a connection between your brand and your customer base. Video content can also be used to help explain your business, your products and/or services, as well as your company’s personality.

In an age where digital is becoming everything for a brand, it is imperative that your brand adopts the usage of video content on your website to serve your customers wants and behaviors. Discover the powerful impact that video content can bring to your brand and the ways you can use it to triumph over your competitors.

Video crosses a variety of devices and platforms

The number one benefit that video content can bring to your website is twofold, potential customers can see it on any device and social promotion platform. For example, say you develop a video content strategy and plan to add a 15 second video snippet to 20 of the most highly trafficked pages on your website. No matter what device the user is on, be it mobile, desktop, or tablet, the video content will be more engaging and will most likely do a better job appealing to your visitors.

For the sake of the example’s purpose, say you want to cross-promote one of those 20 pages on your company’s social channels. You can! Video content is versatile and can be viewed on any social platform you prefer. By featuring video on your social channels, you are more likely to catch the eye of a user, which will hopefully lead to more conversions. On social, video content sticks out among the common social post. Consumers prefer to watch video as they scroll through the various social mediums and it is important that your posts speak to their behaviors.

Video is a passive medium

Users are reading less online and watching descriptive video at an increased rate. Video is a passive medium that allows users to lean back and consume information without even trying. Video presents a moment of opportunity for all brands to appeal to anyone and everyone in the simplest forms of audio, video, and closed captions.

Not only will video content increase user engagement, it may increase your website’s search results. By transcribing video content on your website and adding the text to your site pages, your site can experience increased search traffic. Google recognizes video better when it is transcribed because keywords tell Google exactly what your video is about, so they are able to serve the video to users who are searching for the information that you offer.

In addition, you may even want to go as far as adding subtitles or closed captions for individuals who do not have the capability of listening to your video (like mobile users in a public place). With closed captions, users are more likely to continue watching your video and in this case, those few seconds of additional watch time could be very critical to a conversion.

Video creates an opportunity for creativity

There are so many products out here on the internet that consumers are looking to purchase. But what about the products that have a little more complexity to them? A written product description is less likely to do the job of explaining the product and that is where a video description comes in to save the day. If your business sells online, it is important for you to consider using video in your product description. Video allows you to be creative by elaborating on the product’s specifications, demonstrating the product’s use/operation, and you can also be more personable with your audience. Whether you are a clothing brand looking to show consumers real life models out and about wearing your clothes or a tech company interested in providing consumers with an “in person” demonstration of a new product, video can bring life to those ideas.

Video can be very powerful if implemented correctly. As you look into adding video to your website, keep in mind how it will appeal to your target audience on many devices and social platforms, be a passive medium, and how it allows you to reach your customer by being creative and more personal with them