Upon completion of the 2011 “On Page” SEO optimization project, the client wanted to increase their organic traffic for both broad and very competitive national keywords by implementing a high-level link building and content creation strategy. WTM Digital was recruited to develop and execute this strategy within a twelve-month time period.


After reviewing the SEO work from the year prior (performed by another SEO agency), WTM Digital found multiple missed opportunities in conjunction with over aggressive and outdated SEO techniques.

After reviewing the clients’ previous keyword selections, WTM Digital worked to identify missed opportunities by taking into account seasonality, product and topical relevance, revenue, and transactional phrases. The new keyword research required making several additional “On Page” SEO recommendations and revisions to their previous strategy. The new strategy that WTM Digital proposed focused on long-term SEO tactics that included conversion optimization, usability (Panda proofing) and remapping keywords to hyper-relevant and transactional pages on the clients website.


After an aggressive 12-month campaign, WTM Digital increased the client’s organic search traffic by 165% which resulted in an increase in online revenue of 192%. The client also saw increased engagement metrics such as pages per visit and lowered bounce rate. The quality of inbound organic traffic also lifted their e-commerce conversion rate by 26% and their transaction count by 235%. The analytics snapshot, shown below, represents the monthly progress of the client over the 12-month campaign.

Case Study Highlights

Industry: Consumer Goods


  • Increase organic traffic for broad keywords
  • Increase organic traffic for competitive national keywords


  • Increased organic traffic by 165%
  • Increased online revenue by 192%
  • Lifted e-commerce conversion rate by 26%
  • Increased transaction count by 235%