Execute a disavow strategy for an Unnatural Link Warning and Manual Penalty a client received from Google. Unfortunately for the client, their previous marketing company built 100’s of low quality directory links. In addition to the low quality directory links, they also duplicated articles on many content networks; another practice frowned upon by the search engines in the new age of search engine optimization. These tactics, among others caused the client’s rankings and organic traffic to suffer. This caused the client to lose top 20 ranking for over 50 of their top 60 targeted terms, as well as decreases in organic traffic from Google. For many of the key targeted terms, the client was manually suppressed to page 10 and beyond. The client hired WTM Digital to get them out of the Google manual action penalty and filter penalty, as well as regain rankings for their key terms.


An extensive backlink analysis revealed that a large amount of the existing links were toxic. WTM Digital evaluated each link against analysis tools and key metrics, categorized the links for levels of severity. This provided us a framework for link outreach and removal. Once WTM Digital completed the analysis and the links were properly categorized, we performed email outreach on links we identified as toxic, following Google’s parameters. After email outreach, we finalized a list of links we were able to remove or not remove, built a disavow file, as well as developed all required files for reconsideration. The final step required us to upload the toxic links into the Google Disavow Tool and submit a reconsideration request.


WTM Digital received a response from Google, stating that they have lifted the Unnatural Link Warning and Penalty.

The toxic links causing the unnatural link penalty from Google were now disassociated with the client’s website. As a result, Google rankings for organic keywords almost immediately began to recover to the top positions.

  • Google organic traffic increased approximately 36%
  • Conversions increased 200%
  • Conversion rates increased approximately 121%

Results in Action

Organic search rankings began to recover when we initiated the disavow and link removal strategy in March 2014. Shortly after submitting the reconsideration request in April 2014, organic rankings skyrocketed.

Organic Google visits increased by approximately 36%. Of those visits, there was an increase of new users to the website of approximately 42%.

The company focused on providing deminars to educate their customers all that they offer. Goal completions increased 200% and conversion rates increased approximately 121%.


Case Study Highlights

Industry: Digital Communications


  • Remove Unnatural Link Warning and penalty from Google
  • Regain top ranking positions in Google
  • Regain lost organic traffic from Google


  • Unnatural Link Warning and penalty lifted
  • Rankings recovered to the top positions
  • Google organic traffic increased 36%
  • New visitors from Google organic traffic increased 42%
  • Goal completions from Google organic traffic increased 200%
  • Goal conversion rates from Google organic traffic increased 121%