In a market dominated by historically-dominate big brands, our client was selling high quality, low cost products, direct to consumer through their site only. The client was not present in big box stores, 3rd party eCommerce retailers, etc. All sales were made on their own site. With this strategy, growth is required quickly and that came the need for strong SEO elements, quickly.

With an aggressive PPC campaign currently underway, they came to WTM Digital with hopes to increase their revenue from SEO, as well as create a team of evangelized consumers and influencers, who would help spread their brand message.

Our goal was to improve rankings for their core unbranded terms, increase revenue from organic/referral sources, as well as increase brand awareness for their boutique brand.


Our first course of business was a in-depth Technical SEO Audit, where we determined that substantial improvements needed to be made to their custom PHP site in order to better adhere to current SEO standards. Upon implementation of our recommendations, we instantly deploy an aggressive Online PR campaign to help spread the word, improve brand awareness, but most importantly, drive consumers to the site to view the product offerings.

Knowing that we weren’t able to have content placed easily at first, we looked to get in front of the consumers through other mediums. Confident that when consumers and influencers used the product once, they would be hooked, we embarked on an Online PR Influencer outreach campaign, where we worked with mid-tier influencers in their market to send free product samples, create contests, and ultimately review our client’s product. We looked to leverage the audiences of their influencers to help spread the word to their followers, in a way that was non-salesy, and truly helpful.

We then worked to create pieces of evergreen content that were applicable to consumers throughout the year. We identified problems that all consumers faced and answered their needs with product offerings from our client. Several outlets, helping to spread the word of our client’s brand and showcase their product lines, picked up these pieces of evergreen content.

Our Online PR campaign continued as we continued to target the mid-tier influencers, but moved towards YouTube and consumer sites, where a tremendous amount of consumers are interacting on a daily basis. We offered helpful advice, answer consumer questions, and ultimately looked to position our client’s brand, as a thought leader in the industry.


Through a combination of Technical SEO and Online PR, we were successful in increasing our client’s organic traffic by 43%, compared to prior year. We also experienced improvements in our client’s engagement metrics, primarily time on site, where our client’s consumers were staying more than 2X longer than the industry standard. The session improvement equated to more than 1 million more unique sessions, originating from organic search.

Relative to revenue, our client experienced a 55% growth in revenue, originating from organic search. This increase equated to over $1.3 million in revenue growth, when compared to prior year.

Conversion rate improved 14% vs. prior year, and the quantity of transactions improved 58%, when compared to prior year.

As it pertains to rankings, our client quickly moved from 30% of their target keywords on page 1, to 90% of their target keywords on page 1, with 40% of those terms enjoying rankings in the top 3 positions.

Case Study Highlights

Industry: Health and Beauty


  • Increase unique sessions from Organic Search
  • Increase revenue from Organic Search
  • Improve organic search engine rankings for targeted keywords


  • Increased unique sessions from Organic Search by 43%
  • Increased revenue from Organic Search by 55%
  • Improved rankings for 90% of target keywords, including 40% of targeted keywords with rankings in the top 3 positions.