After finishing an overhaul of the client’s outdated website and implementing the onsite recommendations, WTM Digital was engaged to increase leads and conversions through an aggressive SEO and PPC campaign. The client wanted to maintain their level of business in family law, but improve leads in other areas of expertise.


Also building the law firm a new website, WTM Digital began the campaign by launching an in-depth research and discovery phase. This allowed WTM Digital to gain a full understanding of the client’s background history and market from a variety of angles. WTM Digital used these keyword and topics to develop a technical onsite audit to ensure that each page of the new build was fully optimized for proper SEO guidelines. After implementing “On Page” SEO recommendations and revisions, WTM Digital strategized a strong local SEO campaign. A crucial part of the SEO strategy was content creation. Hoping to establish the law firm as a thought leader in the local area, monthly blog posts were written and promoted.


At the end of May 2013, we published a relevant article targeting some of their key terms like “divorce” and “divorce law.” This article on the “2013 Divorce Statistics” attracted a lot of local attention and ranked on the first page of Google for those keywords. Over the summer, this resulted in a large initial spike in traffic to their site, eventually leveling off, but sustaining significantly higher then previous traffic numbers.

Over time, the article naturally acquired links on various social media platforms and relevant blogs. Six months later in January 2014, the article was referenced and linked to in two separate articles on the Huffington Post, thus receiving strong national attention. It has been cited as a resource many times and resulted in substantially increased traffic, better visibility, and increased brand awareness for the law firm.

Results in Action

Visits increased by 1464% in the months following the article being published vs. the previous period.

Case Study Highlights

Industry: Personal Law Firm


  • Increase Organic Visits
  • Increase Organic Leads
  • Increase Brand Awareness & Visibility


  • Organic Visits increased 1464% vs. Previous Period
  • Unique Pageviews increased by 635% vs. Previous Period