In a market saturated by home improvement contractors, this small business had a difficult time standing out. The client’s singular focus was increasing its share of the residential market in the south central Pennsylvania area, so relevant leads were the name of the game.

Our goals included improving rankings for several unbranded terms, increase leads from organic/referral sources, and increase brand awareness. Overall, we wanted to demonstrate online the tremendous reputation this small business had offline, as well its commitment to homeowners’ needs.


Our first course of business was an in-depth Technical SEO Audit, where we determined that substantial improvements needed to be made to their website in order to meet current SEO standards. Upon implementation of our SEO recommendations, we began an Online PR campaign to help spread the word about how this client differs from its numerous competitors, increase brand awareness, but most importantly, drive potential customers to the website.

With our PR efforts, we achieved tremendous brand recognition in local and national publications with the significant amount of content we created and links we built to their website. In addition to increasing their local reach via content placements in relevant publications, we also assisted the client with writing content on their company blog.


Through a combination of Technical SEO and Online PR, we were successful in increasing our client’s organic traffic by 25%, compared to prior year.

We also saw a double-digit increase in the number of users visiting this website, which impacted the amount of leads this business received.

Our client ranked for 18 keywords prior to our efforts. Today, this client ranks for 393 keywords.

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Case Study Highlights

Industry: Home Improvement


  • Increase lead generation from organic/referral sources
  • Improve rankings for non-branded terms
  • Increase overall brand awareness


  • Organic traffic increased 25% year over year
  • Organic users increased 37% year over year
  • Client initially ranked for 18 keywords and this grew to 393