The client had commissioned WTM Digital to employ a SEO strategy to better compete with well-known competitors, increase traffic, increase conversions, and improve online rankings. Current traffic was minimal and although they had great content, it wasn’t visible.


WTM Digital initiated the campaign with a in-depth research and discovery phase, which allowed WTM Digital to gain an extensive understanding of the client’s business, background and market. Extensive keyword and topic research commenced shortly after and paved the way for the upcoming link building strategy. A technical onsite audit followed and limiting site architecture and cart limitations kept WTM Digital from employing a number of changes recommended on the onsite audit. Unable to implement changes to the site, our team of SEOs knew that had to come up with a great linkable asset: an infographic. Limited by time, we kept the idea and research simple.

Armed with a strong, informative linkable asset, an aggressive promotional strategy shortly followed, including a number of verticals for which our team worked directly with site owners, journalists, social outlets, etc. to gain promotional penetration.


The infographic was cited and published on other relevant websites like:

  • The Huffington Post
  • Business Insider
  • Relevant Magazine
  • Elite Daily
  • Personality Café
  • Payscale

Socially, the infographic went viral and saw tons of engagement on Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Results in Action:

The article on Yahoo! Finance stayed in the featured article slider for over 24 hours, and remained popular among readers for months afterward. During the month of November, this article increased referral traffic 69,728% vs. prior year to the client’s website.

A journalist from Time contacted our client after seeing the infographic on Visual.ly and asked permission to re-publish it. This article increased visits to the client’s website by 7,182% vs. prior year.

The traffic generated from the SEO campaign was qualified traffic. During the period prior and following the linkable asset promotion, Average Time on Site increased 46% vs. prior year.

But it was more than just traffic the piece attracted. During the period following the content being published, Goal Completions increased 289% vs. prior year.

Case Study Highlights

Industry: Ecommerce – Personality and Career Testing


  • Increase traffic
  • Increase conversions
  • Bring relevant and qualified traffic


  • Traffic increased 7,182% vs. prior year
  • Goal Completions increased 289% vs. prior year
  • Average time on site increased 46% vs. prior year