Conversion Rate Optimization Turns Traffic Into Dollars

The goal of CRO is to increase the rate in which your visitors convert on your site. However, this isn’t a once-and-done fix. It is a constantly evolving process that works to maximize your site’s lead or earning potential. Recent case studies on conversion rate optimization campaigns saw a 30-50% increase in their conversions without increasing their traffic.


Throughout our process, WTM Digital will help design, develop, and test multiple variations of conversion-optimized landing pages to make sure you are converting the most traffic possible for your marketing campaigns.

Sample Timeline of a One-Year CRO Campaign

Here is a sample timeline that illustrates a one-year conversion rate optimization campaign.

Month 1

In month one, we take a look at your current site and analyze your design, calls-to-action, site load speed, and lead funnels. We’ll suggest changes and tweaks, provide mockups of our recommendations, and then help you develop them onto your site.

Month 2

Now that the initial work is done, it’s time to implement our changes and test. It’s important not to implement too many changes to your site at once—that can make it hard to determine what made an impact to your conversions. Conversion Rate Optimization is not just changing button colors—we look at multiple variants when analyzing a page and make the changes we believe will give you the biggest impact.

Month 3

How much did your conversions increase? We study the results of our changes and consult with our paid and search marketing teams to develop any needed plan modifications.

Month 4

We will look to build on those results and test other changes. We’ll examine what trends we are seeing in your industry and present a list of ongoing recommendations.

Month 5

Now we plan a split test strategy. Split testing helps us determine what changes are resonating with your audience and continue to improve your site’s lead or sales funnel. We show the original page simultaneously with the new page and compare the results. If one performed significantly better than the other, we want to understand why and further capitalize on the changes.

Months 6-12

It is always valuable to continue testing and experimenting, particularly as consumer tastes change. At month six, we will discuss different designs, messages, or offers that we can use to test in the coming months. We are always looking for ways to improve your page and are never too far along in the process to go back and test core sections of your site.

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