Sellers and Vendors on Amazon have the option to sign up for A+ content, Amazon’s product page enhancement suite that allows brands to create more compelling product pages.

What is it?

Amazon A+ content (also called Enhanced Marketing Content) is Amazon’s term for certain additional layout options and product details available for product pages on their site. A+ content lets brands build product pages with additional ad copy, extra images or video, and things like comparative shopping charts to help woo potential buyers. According to Amazon, A+ content can give you the leg up on your competitors by driving an increase in sales from 3% – 10%. It’s also a good way to distinguish your product from your competition and help fight “competitor intimacy.”

You can tell if a product page features A+ content by looking for a “From the Manufacturer” section full of rich content and images like the below snapshot, as well as by the presence of videos or comparison charts. These alternate product content formats are designed to improve customer perception of your product and create a lift in sales.


How much does it cost?

A+ content does have an additional cost, unless you already have a contract with Amazon that includes a certain number of A+ pages. Depending on your contract level with Amazon, fresh A+ pages can cost between $100 to $1,500 per page.

There are 2 different options for the creation of A+ Pages, self-creation and Amazon builds. Self-built pages require much more effort on the vendor’s part, but have significant savings over the Amazon builds, which typically cost 3x as much as self-built pages.


What ASINs should I promote with A+ content?

A+ pages are expensive and can be time consuming if you build them yourself, so you need to consider which products would most benefit from enhanced content. We recommend considering products with strong margins or that have significant differentiation from similar products as candidates for A+ pages.

Also, consider the product volume required to offset the cost of your A+ page. A product that only needs to sell an additional 20 items to recoup A+ creation costs is a much better candidate than a product that would need to see 500 additional sales.

A+ pages are not the best option to push low margin, low volume products. Enhanced content is best used to boost top selling items, not assist your slower products.

How to create A+ content

  1. To begin creating an A+ page, login to your Amazon account, and select A+ detail pages from the Merchandizing drop down menu for Vendors, or Advertising tab for Sellers.

  1. You will then be prompted to choose from Self Service or Amazon built models. Choosing the Amazon built options means a few forms and waiting up to a week for page creation.
  1. By choosing the self-service option, you will be directed to the below page, and need to submit an ASIN to continue.


  1. Search and add your product by ASIN, then click the plus button next to the product to add it to the project. Name your project, then click continue.


  1. Now we need to select your modules for the page. Browse the samples, and choose the formats you want to see on your page. You can select up to 5 modules, and be sure to check the Advanced Modules tab as well to look for more complex options, like comparison charts.


  1. The next page requires you to upload all your content and images. After you have done this, review your page and make any last minute changes. Select “Add to cart” to view the price and purchase your new A+ content. You will be notified when your content is ready, typically in 2-3 days.


That’s it! For more info on Amazon advertising, check out our Amazon services!