Google, Bing and Facebook have become increasingly “agency friendly” in the past five years, and are now catering more to the wants and needs of digital marketers who manage multiple accounts. As of January 2017, Amazon has not yet filed in line, making agencies find shortcuts and workarounds to fulfill their bulk management needs.

This quick, surrogate method will allow advertisers to manage multiple Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Amazon Seller accounts with one login. Until Amazon creates an interface similar to Google’s MCA (for PLA’s) or MCC, this is the only method that I know of which will mitigate the constant logging in-and-out of Amazon usernames for advertising purposes.

Please keep in mind that much like gaining access to any other advertising account, this method requires the cooperation of the incumbent account managers.

Step 1: Create a New Email Address

Amazon currently prohibits a seller from operating or maintaining multiple accounts. However, by creating a new email address specifically for Amazon advertising services, you will be able to gain access to multiple accounts from the current Admins. It’s best practice to make this a standalone email address – which is not tied to any other marketing platforms.

Step 2: Gaining Access to Amazon Seller Central

To allow access to your new email, an “Admin” on the client’s side must log into Amazon Seller Central. Then, they must scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the “user permissions” box (see image below):


  • They then need to add “”, with “Edit-Level” access.
  • This will then send an invite to that email, which you have to accept
  • After you accept this – the client should refresh their “user permissions” screen which will then have your request populated on their screen.
  • The client then needs to accept it on their end.

Once the client accepts it, they need to log into the “edit permissions” link next to your email on their screen. They should then give you the following levels:

  1. Advertising: “admin”
  2. Everything else: “view”

Step 3: Gaining Access to Amazon Vendor Central (Amazon Marketing Services)

If the client already has an Amazon Marketing Services account, then they need to log into their AMS – under a level that has “Admin” access. They should then add “ with “edit” level access. See the screenshot below for a visualization of where to do this:


  • After they submit the request to give your new email address access, you should accept it on your end through the notification email which will immediately be sent
  • Notify them that you’ve accepted
  • They should then refresh their “Manage Users” screen, which should now show your access level
  • Once your email has populated in their “manage users screen”, they need to log into the “edit permissions” link next to your name on their screen
  • The should then give you the following levels:
  1. Advertising: “admin”
  2. Everything else: “view”

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