Traditionally a 2-step distributor, our client owned wide distribution among big box retailers as well as ecommerce retailers such as Amazon. In addition to these channels, they sold their products on their own website, direct to consumer. Struggling to grow their sales online, the client hired us to take over their Amazon Marketing Services Account and build a more complete advertising campaign, while improving the Advertising Cost of Sales from the old campaigns.

The Problem:

Struggling to gain market share on Amazon, our client was forced to be more aggressive on their own Amazon pricing to more closely match other brands, and more importantly, match the price that other resellers were selling the client’s products.


  • Perform new keyword research, along with bidding adjustments for core products to obtain outranking share for the most profitable search terms
  • Design and implement a new brand page for the client to categorize their products and serve as a landing page for headline search campaigns.
  • Utilize every campaign type to funnel visitors through the client’s product offering while blocking competitor ads as much as possible


  • Not all campaigns are ROI winners, but these “poor” campaigns are still part of a good offensive and defensive strategy to make sure you protect your brand until checkout
  • Amazon ads do more than just generate revenue, the additional sales help organic ranking and can even help earn things like the “Amazon’s Choice” badge, further boosting sales.

Case Study Highlights

Industry: Home and Garden Supplies


  • Establish a brand strategy
  • Inundate search results page for certain top products to fight competitors
  • Generate more purchase orders directly from Amazon


  • After 2 months, the client was showing in 70% of the above the fold product slots for 3 of the top search queries related to their products.
  • By utilizing both campaign types that appear on the search results page, the client experienced a large increase in sales, as they captured more of the available search clicks.
  • Within a year, Amazon advertising sales generated over half a million dollars at one third the Advertising Cost of Sales as when the client managed their own campaigns.
  • Additionally, this lift in sales helped increase Amazon organic rank for several products, since Amazon’s ranking algorithms reward sales volume!