Within one of the largest growing sectors for eCommerce, our client owned aggressive pricing, the Google Trusted Store accreditation, a growing product offering, and exemplary service, but weren’t experiencing much growth from their Shopping Advertising campaign with Google. They also were seeing an increase in CPCs and costs associated from other mediums, making profitability a major concern.

Our objectives were to optimize and increase sales from the Shopping campaign with the ultimate goal of increasing profitability from Search Engine Marketing efforts. Our client was a reseller of other goods and had a fixed spend budget, so profitability is paramount.


Our first order of business was to understand the overall market landscape and how that aligns with their product offering. Where are they being beat from a Shopping perspective and where are some areas in which they own the competitive advantage?

We looked to kick off our redesigned and optimized shopping campaign with some of their most profitable items; of which also experienced some of the lowest amount of competitive pressure.

Our approach to their Google Shopping campaigns was a significant deviation from their previous efforts and followed the path of the consumer vs. the path of the business. This allowed us to optimize our strategy to target consumer queries better aligned to transactional shopping, vs. window shopping and browsing. We didn’t necessarily want to be in front of the consumer towards the top of the funnel, but those who are ready to buy today. We then served them with optimized, relevant products that satisfy their need, at an affordable price.

Once our newly kicked off campaign started to increase profitability, this allowed us to take unused budget to expand into adjacent product offerings. These adjacent product offerings were not previously advertised within their Shopping campaigns, due to budgetary constraints; caused by the fact their Google Shopping campaign wasn’t profitable previously.


The first month of the optimized Google Shopping campaign proved extremely successful, offering a 101% increase in revenue from shopping, at the same spend level. This in turn increased their ROI from the Google Shopping campaign from 2:1 the month prior, to 7:1 within the first month of the campaign being active. The quantity of net profit increased 136% vs. prior year.

As the Google Shopping campaign created by WTM Digital continued to record data and continue to be optimized, their ROI numbers sky-rocked to upwards of 11:1 and 12:1, all without increasing their overall monthly budget.

Case Study Highlights

Industry: Ecommerce – Apparel


  • Increase revenue from Google Shopping
  • Increase profitability from Google Shopping


  • Increased revenue by 72% vs. prior year
  • Increased profitability from 2:1 to 9:1
  • Reduced total costs of Google Shopping campaign by 30% vs. prior year