Through paid search efforts in both Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter, the client wanted to increase their total online revenue while decreasing their advertising costs, thus earning them a Return On Investment (ROI) above their goal of 3.0. This ROI would earn the company $3.00 in pure profit for every $1.00 they spent in advertising dollars. WTM Digital was recruited for an ongoing period of time to execute advanced paid search strategies and to manage the massive scope of the clients’ 300+ PPC campaigns in Google AdWords.


After reviewing the paid search campaigns implemented by a previous advertising agency, WTM Digital identified new areas of refinement through campaign organization, tiered priorities in the geographical locations targeted, and re-wrote outdated ad text that did not comply with best practices in paid search.

On an ongoing basis, WTM Digital pulls advanced reports to identify opportunities for expansion in keywords, notes geographic locations where the client was most and least profitable, and builds custom algorithms to keep the hundreds of campaigns running at peak performance even during seasonally low traffic times.


Through continual collaboration between the client and agency, WTM Digital rapidly increased the monthly online revenue in the client’s priority product campaign by 265.75% on average year over year within the early stages of the relationship. This increase in revenue, accompanied by a tight control on budget allocation to highest performing search terms across the entire account, brought this client’s ROI up from 1.39 at the beginning of the term to 3.82 in 6 months. That earned them $3.82 in pure profit for every $1.00 in advertising dollars spent, surpassing their initial goals. This is a 175% increase in ROI in 6 months. Within 18 months, WTM Digital achieved an ROI of 5.10, which is an increase of 267% since the launch. Five years after the initial restructure, our team restructured the account again, of which further improved revenue, earning an ROI of over 7.0 consistently and reaching 8.0 on occasion.


Case Study Highlights

Industry: Trade Association


  • Increase monthly online revenue
  • Decrease advertising costs
  • Increase ROI to above 8.0


  • Increased monthly online revenue by 265.75% via AdWords
  • Increased monthly ROI of PPC efforts from 1.39 to over 7.0 over the campaign lifecyle
  • Increased monthly ROI of PPC efforts by contributing an extra 432% more profit to the bottom line during campaign lifecycle
  • Increased monthly ROI from 1.39 to 5.56 within first 12 months of campaign