The client came to WTM Digital with an existing paid search campaign to be optimized and improved. We redefined their outdated strategy, which focused on “traffic volume” to a “goal/sales oriented” effort, revolving around return on investment. We also created highly targeted campaigns, built new landing pages, set up purchase funnels, and minimized their traffic to only highly qualified individuals. Once we were confident that all paid search traffic was relevant and purchase-oriented, we decided to diversify the client’s marketing budget and implement three Facebook campaigns. This allows the client to reach their audience via multiple channels – an essential and necessary tactic for digital marketing. One of these campaigns was for Facebook remarketing.


We separated the client’s Facebook budget into three campaigns – Competitor Targeting, Job Title Targeting, and Remarketing – each with their own unique audience and budget. Through Facebook’s Advertising interface, we created a custom remarketing audience consisting of visitors to the client’s website, but eliminating visitors who had converted already by submitting a “lead” form or calling the client (accomplished through phone call tracking). This left us with an audience of “qualified, engaged, non-converters”.

On an ongoing basis, we pulled advanced reports on the campaign and refined our strategy and targeting to improve return on investment and cost-per-lead.


The Remarketing campaign ran for five months, with great results. The ad converted at a 3.73% rate, and an extremely low cost-per-lead. The client saw 40 leads, and a cost-per-lead that was 269% LOWER than the average cost of a lead in Google AdWords. Our client’s internal sales team reported that over 50% of every lead resulted in a sale – with an average sale of $6,000.

Facebook Remarketing Campaign Metrics

  • Total Spend: $1,037.16
  • Leads: 40
  • Average Cost per Lead: $25.92
  • Average Sale Value: $6,000
  • Revenue: $108,000
  • Return on Investment: 10313%

Even though this fantastic return on investment can (in part) be attributed to the client’s outstanding internal sales team and their high product price points, the results speak volumes as to the effectiveness of hyper-specific remarketing campaigns through Facebook.

Case Study Highlights

Industry: Business Services


  • Increase leads for different product lines
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Decrease consumer acquisition cost


  • Conversion rate of 3.73%
  • Cost per lead 269% lower than average
  • 50% of every lead converted into a sale
  • 10,000% return on investment