Against some large, mature, and deep pocket competitors, our client had minimal success with their Search Engine Marketing efforts previously, which they managed internally. They were looking to partner with an agency to increase their lead count, decrease their cost per lead, as well as establish themselves as a leader in the boutique business card market.

They qualified many agencies and were looking for someone who would take the time, energy, and resources to learn their business, understand their goals, and work collaboratively to make sure they achieved them together. Their product is unique, so they needed a partner that would create a unique strategy that allowed them to maximize the reach of their budget, and reach the target audience.


Initially, we looked to focus on what our client does best, offer boutique high-end business cards. Being vertically integrated, our client is able to offer luxury cards at a fraction of the price of other outlets, however, had trouble spreading their story to the right audience.

We took a laser-focused approach that allows our client to receive a steady stream of highly qualified leads, which is in turn able to fund our efforts to break into the highly competitive broader business card market.

Understanding the longer purchase cycle of their end users, we focused around a text-based campaign, with display and text remarketing. This allowed us to acquire potential customers at a high rate, and then nurture them through the purchase funnel with our remarketing efforts.

Our message was clear, a free sample request for a qualified user. We were interested in consumers who were in bottom of the purchase funnel and qualifying potential vendors. We wanted to attract business owners ready to create a business card that is more than paper, but a memorable, eye-catching piece of art that shows how their business is unique.

We weren’t interested in having our ads shown for all of the terms related to their market, but the ‘right’ terms, used by those ready to complete a transaction.


Our client measures success with three key performance indicators.

  • Quality of conversions
  • The rate in which those conversions take place (conversion rate)
  • The amount of advertising budget required to make each conversion possible (cost per acquisition, CPA)

In months prior to us earning the account, the client’s cost-per-acquisition was at an all-time high. It was costing them more to acquire a customer than they received in profit from their first purchase. In the business card industry, a small improvement in cost per acquisition can make or break a campaign. Within 5 months, the team at WTM Digital was able to decrease our client’s cost-per-acquisition by 34%. In addition, not only was cost-per-acquisition significantly lowered, but the total amount of new customers/conversions generated by their Search Engine Advertising campaigns increased by 77%.

When we started the campaign they were averaging less than 100 conversions a month, and within 5 months, we were able to increase that number to almost 200 a month. Within that same time, the cost to acquire that customer dropped from $100 to less than $70.

Conversion rate, another metric important to our client, increased from 4% to 7% in the 5 months since we have had the campaign, further showcasing the value the client is receiving from their budget.

The reduction in cost per acquisition and increased conversion rate, coupled with the increased lead count allowed us to expand into adjacent, more competitive markets, armed with a campaign possessing strong account level metrics, a wealth of consumer data, and 5 months worth of high performing ads.

Case Study Highlights

Industry: Printing


  • Increase online sales and lead count
  • Decrease cost per lead
  • Position client as an industry leader


  • New customers / conversions increased by 77% YOY.
  • Decreased cost per acquisition by 34% within the campaign’s first 5 months
  • Conversion rate of the website increased from 4% to 7%.